Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff


Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff – Review Fates and Furies novel is written by an American author Lauren Groff in 2015. It is the fourth book and third novel of Lauren Groff. The novel was published by Riverhead Books. The book is about the different people who are in a different relationship and how are their views on relationships. ...

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Three-Body Problem’ by Cixin Liu


Three-Body Problem’ by Cixin Liu  The “Three-Body Problem” is the first of a trilogy named Remembrance of Earth’s Past. This novel is a science fiction masterpiece written by a Chinese science fiction writer Liu Cixin. The novel as illustrated by its name is about the orbital mechanics in three-body problem. The trilogy is known in Chinese people by The Three ...

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Understanding by Design – PDF Educational Book


Understanding by Design – PDF  Understanding by Design, or UbD, is an educational planning approach. This Book is an example of backward design, the practice of looking at outcomes in order to design the curriculum units, classroom instruction and performance assessments. UbD focuses on teaching to achieve understanding. It is advocated by the Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins in their Understanding ...

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‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King


‘Salem’s Lot is a novel by Stephen King. He is a well-known American author. This one saga based on horror but fantasy story. This novel got many awards and in 1987 got best ever fantasy novel award. October 17, 1975, is the publishing date of this saga. Doubleday is the publisher of English language novel. ‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King  ...

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Ramona Quimby, Age 8 by Beverly Cleary -PDF


Ramona Quimby, Age 8 – PDF Ramona Quimby is the novel that was written by Beverly Cleary. This tale got position six in the series. The name of the series Romana series. This is really famous among the baby of the world. Ramona Quimby is a baby girl and in 3rd grade. Her new place really inspired, she feels happy ...

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Puckoon by Spike Milligan (1963)


Puckoon is written by Spike Milligan. The published date of this saga is 1963. The publisher of this tale is Anthony Blond. This novel is Comic novel. The main character of this tale is Dan Milligan. In this tale, the writer tells the troubled face by when the city is divided. In this tale, the author discusses these situations and ...

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Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice


Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice Interview with the Vampire is written by Anne Rice. Anne Rice is an American well-known writer. This is fantasy novel and the adapted for film and drama much time and got the attention of peoples around the world. May 5, 1976, publishing date of this saga and Knopf is the publisher of this vampire ...

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Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech – Review


Walk Two Moons is written by Sharon Creech. This one saga in the English language. HarperCollins is the publisher of this English novel. June 12, 1994, is the publisher of this saga. The story of this novel follows the story of another novel named Absolutely Normal Chaos. This one saga is based on the special topic, Sal is the main ...

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